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AquAdvantage:  Online Backflow Tracking Program

Green/Eco-Friendly Online Backflow Tracking for Only $30 per Month

Professional Cross-Connection Control and F.O.G. Management Services for Municipalities, Large and Small Water Suppliers, Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Customers.

AquAdvantage — Green/Eco-Friendly Online Backflow Tracking

AquAdvantage Eco-Friendly Online Backflow Tracking

AquAdvantage is an exciting cross-connection control & FOG program from Aqua Backflow that is very popular with municipalities across the country. Our web-based backflow compliance service is very budget-friendly and tester-friendly.

In these days of tighter budgets, lower revenues, manpower reductions, etc., our program is a bright light into the future. Don’t let lower revenues impact the safety of your water distribution system!

Full Backflow Tracking Compliance for Less than $1 per Day

  • No Software to Buy
  • No Software Upgrades
  • No Annual Software Fees
  • No Program Maintenance
  • No Health Benefits to Pay
  • No Pension Benefits to Pay
  • No Postage Costs
  • No Envelopes or Letterhead
  • No Forms to Create
  • No Office Staff Required
  • No Paperwork to File
  • No Vehicle(s) to Purchase
  • No Fuel Costs
  • No Tires, Oil Changes, etc.
  • No Website to Maintain
  • No Ongoing Education Costs
  • No Licensing or Certification
  • No ...

Yes, you can achieve significant savings and be in compliance with:  The Safe Water Drinking Act;  EPA Guidelines;  your state's governing agency such as the IEPA, DNR, FDEP, TCEQ, etc.;  Plumbing Codes;  and your local Ordinances and Policies — by simply signing up for AquAdvantage from Aqua Backflow, Inc.

Backflow tracking for less than $1 per day

AquAdvantage Program for Backflow Compliance

For only $30 per month, AquAdvantage provides a complete backflow tracking program:

  • Send notices to your customers of tests due, repairs due, installations due, etc.
  • Send notices to the last backflow tester of record for each backflow assembly due
  • Send compliance and non-compliance notifications to the water purveyor
  • Forward regular electronic reports and an annual CD to the water purveyor
  • Provide full access to your database for up-to-the-minute information
  • Fully customized brochures, public education, mailers, etc.
  • Track all licensing & certifications for testers and testing companies
  • Track test kit manufacturer, model, serial number and annual calibrations
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