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Backflow Prevention Programs

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Professional Cross-Connection Control and F.O.G. Management Services for Municipalities, Large and Small Water Suppliers, Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Customers.

Backflow Prevention Programs for Municipal, Industrial and Commercial Water Suppliers

Water safety is our top priority

Water safety is our top priority.

With the many potential hazards and contaminates that can enter our water supply, cross connection control programs professionally reviewed, implemented, and maintained by Aqua Backflow can help to ensure the safety of your drinking water.

Aqua Backflow, Inc. can provide a custom turn-key cross-connection control program, or any portion of a program for Municipalities, Townships, Cities, Villages, Counties, School Districts, Shopping Centers, Restaurant Chains, Property Management Companies... Serving all businesses and residents therein.

Backflow preventers, which are also called Cross-Connection Control Assemblies and/or Devices, are required throughout the country. Municipal, Industrial and Commercial water users need to have their backflow preventers checked annually by a licensed tester to ensure water safety. Water purveyors must also have regulations in place to protect their own distribution systems. These are areas in which Aqua Backflow is positioned to help.

Your fully customized program may include:

  • Development of policy statement, ordinance or by-law
  • Attorney review of policy statement, ordinance or by-law
  • Adoption of policy statement, ordinance or by-law
  • Notification to customers on cross-connection control program implementation and/or enforcement requirements
  • Web-based online backflow tracking program
  • Computerized data entry of each service connection
  • On-site surveys and compliance inspections
  • Annual compliance reports
  • Assembly tracking
  • Annual assembly test requirement notification
  • GPS tracking of all existing cross-connection device locations and properties where new devices are required

Aqua Backflow can and will protect your water supply from contamination. This is done by professional management: overseeing the installations, inspections and compliance of your water customers to your specific cross-connection control ordinances.