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Cross Connection Control & FOG Management Services

Professional Cross-Connection Control and F.O.G. Management Services for Municipalities, Large and Small Water Suppliers, Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Customers.

Aqua Backflow for Complete Backflow Solutions

Is your drinking water safe?

Is your drinking water safe?

As a fully licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced contractor, we are a trusted provider of complete, efficient, and thorough turn-key backflow prevention and FOG systems to municipal water suppliers. Aqua Backflow also offers pick-and-choose tasks if you only need assistance with portions of your program.

Backflow Prevention Programs for Municipal, Industrial and Commercial Water Suppliers

With the many potential hazards and contaminates that can enter our water supply, cross connection control programs professionally reviewed, implemented, and maintained by Aqua Backflow can help to ensure the safety of your drinking water.

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Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Programs for Municipal, Industrial and Commercial Customers

The EPA and local municipalities are regulating the discharge of fats, oils and grease into drains and sewers. Sewer backups are costly to fix and a health hazard in our communities. Our FOG programs maintain "best practices" to minimize FOG discharges and are designed to track FOG devices for compliance with your local ordinances and regulations.

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AquAdvantage:  Online Backflow & FOG Tracking Services

Backflow tracking for less than $1 per day

AquAdvantage is an exciting web-based cross-connection control & FOG program from Aqua Backflow that is very popular with municipalities across the country. This online tracking and compliance service is very budget-friendly and user-friendly.

Available programs include:

What is a Cross-Connection and Backflow?

A cross-connection is any connection or potential connection between a potable (drinking) water supply system and any source of non-potable or non-drinkable liquid, solid, or gas.

Under certain circumstances, usually caused by unequal pressure, a non-drinkable substance could either be pulled or pushed into a drinking water supply. This is called backflow.

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